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Trophy Competition

23rd July 2022

In pleasant weather, sixteen bowlers met to contest for the Friends Bowling Trophy. Through four rounds, bowlers were progressively eliminated to join the spectators until only Richard Halford and Steve Harris were left to compete in the finale. A close match left Richard as the 2022 holder of the Trophy. Once again, Carl provided impeccable administration.

2019 competition
2019 competition

September 2021

Warm sunshine welcomed 18 bowlers keen to engage in competition for the Friends Trophy Shield. Bowlers were progressively eliminated in keenly fought rounds until only Alan Heaselgrave and Clive Hughes remained to contest the final.
At the end of an enjoyable afternoon, Alan, a new bowler to Huntingtree Park was delighted to be the holder of the Trophy for 2021.

Our thanks to Carl for once again administering the competition so competently.

2021 competition

New Park furniture

January 2021

The waste bins on the Park have been replaced as a number had been pointlessly fire-damaged in recent times.
At the same time a bootscraper has been installed adjacent to the Football pitch to hopefully reduce the amount of mud spreading on the paths and around benches.

new wastebins
burnt wastebin

October 2020

Following judging in September,we are once again proud holders of a Green Flag award.
The flagpole had to be repaired before the new flag could be flown so it now boasts a shiny new finial.

Green flag01
Green Flag02

Christmas Fair

30th November 2019

Ever since the Friends were formed in 2006, an annual Christmas Fair has been the foundation of our fundraising. So again this year after much preparation, a variety of stalls attracted our many supporters to visit the hub, renew old friendships and spend, raising over £400 in the course of the afternoon. We plan this money will enable us to further enhance the attraction of the Park including the purchase of an additional Picnic Bench for the wildflower area.

Xmas fair
Xmas fair


1st November 2019

Around 25 toddlers turned up for an exciting morning with a fireworks theme. There was much fun with wooshes and bangs, a craft item to make and an indoor treasure hunt. Judging from the sound level in the room, it was greatly enjoyed.


Spin Cycles

October 2019

Near the Activity Centre, we have an Energy Gym consisting of two exercise cycles fitted with USB sockets so that you can use your efforts to charge your mobile phone while exercising. Surprisingly, in the six months to October, our installation was recorded as the 7th most used facility in the country. We are aware that young members of our community congregate in that area during the long summer evenings so we assume they are responsible for this outcome feeding both their need to expend energy and their addiction to social media.

Energy gym


4th August 2019

Ater several years of frankly disappointing results, the Greencare staff have turned up trumps this year with an impressive display of wildflowers.  Our thanks go to Wayne for his perseverence.


Trophy Competition

13th July 2019

Eighteen bowlers met to contest for the Friends Bowling Trophy.   In pleasant weather, bowlers were progressively sidelined to the refreshment gazebo until only Paul Hackett and John Gough were left to battle in the finale.   A close fought match left Paul Hackett as the 2019 winner.   Our thanks to Carl and his daughter for their flawless administration.

2019 competition
2019 competition

Picnic Bench

14 May 2019

In May a long-term ambition was fulfilled when a Picnic bench purchased by the Friends was installed overlooking the Bowling Green and the wildflower areas.
It quickly found use by families looking for convenient Al Fresco dining.

Picnic Table

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